The approach to client briefs

Analytics & deep dive

We start by collecting and analyzing information from the client's digital activities from desktop and mobile devices. We examine the user experience and commitment to the generated content, how the brand is positioned compared to the competition. We get acquainted with the existing communication with the clients through all media channels - Paid-Owned-Earned.

Setting the Objectives

Then together we define the objectives of the project and how we will measure their progress (key indicators). We usually focus on two types of goals - those of the brand and commercial (sales, leads, visits, etc.). Then we divide them into goals for existing and new customers.

Develop the Digital Marketing Strategy

We use RACE(Reach-Act-Concert-Engage) framework to structure your strategy and justify proposed activities. RACE

RACE consists of four communication steps with customers:

  • Reach:  Reach involves building awareness and visibility of your brand, products and services on other websites and in offline media in order to build traffic by driving visits to different web presences like your main site, microsites or social media pages. It involves maximising reach over time to create multiple interactions using different paid, owned, and earned media touchpoints.  
  •  Act: This is the stage where it happens to "persuade" potential buyers to take the next step in the journey - to find out more about the company or its products by searching for more information.  
  • Convert: With simple words, this is the stage where we convince our customers to buy from us regardless it is online or offline.
  • Engage: This stage is aiming to build long-term customer engagement through communication and ultimately build customer loyalty 


Once we have agreed on the strategy, we develop a detail plan how to achieve the set objectives within the budget limits. It covers the execution of all activities related to each of the above stages:

  • Google search and display
  • PR campaigns
  • Premium integrated digital campaigns
  •  Web site/blog content management
  • FB/Instagram/LinkedIn performance campaigns
  • Social media support (FB, Instagram, LinkdIn) 
  • Content creation

At this stage, we define a set of key performance indicators (KPI) and make continuous improvements to our campaigns - by testing ads, emails, site pages.

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